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G.I. InnerCalm®

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Botanical Formula with Glycine and GutGuard®


G.I. InnerCalm is a gut powder with broad benefits. It promotes gastrointestinal and nervous system health and helps manage the discomfort associated with occasional heartburn, bloating, and gas. Simple, soothing support for the gut and mind. And it tastes so good, you’ll actually look forward to taking it!

A plant-focused formulation, G.I. InnerCalm combines botanicals and other proven nutrients at evidence-based levels. The delicious powdered drink contains glycine, GutGard® deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), and PepZin GI (zinc L-carnosine), all of which have been shown to support healthy gut mucosa. Their activity is augmented by additional herbal ingredients, resulting in an environment that allows the body’s innate wisdom to flourish. 

G.I. InnerCalm contains glycine instead of glutamine. Why? Because glycine offers support for gut integrity – with the added benefit of calming both the gut and the nervous system.

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<p><strong>G.I. InnerCalm™ Benefits</strong></p>
<li>Supports digestive health and stomach-lining integrity</li>
<li>Helps manage occasional heartburn, gas, and bloating</li>
<li>Promotes healthy gut motility and regularity</li>
<li>Contributes to a healthy nervous system, mood, and sleep</li>
<li>Supports a healthy stress response</li>
<li>Antioxidant activity supports a healthy inflammatory response</li>
<p><strong>G.I. InnerCalm™ Features</strong></p>
<li>Standardized botanicals contain a guaranteed percentage of active constituents</li>
<li>Contains proven ingredients at clinically researched levels for maximum benefit</li>
<li>Glutamine-free to avoid neurological irritation experienced by some patients</li>
<li>Carefully selected prebiotics will not aggravate dysbiosis</li>
<li>Contains glycine to support digestion, protein synthesis, and connective tissue </li>
<li>Formulation includes select botanicals and glycine to support mood and sleep</li>

<p>Add 1 stick pack daily to 1 glass (240mL) of water. Mix well.</p>
<p><strong>Warning: </strong>Consult your physician before using any supplement, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking medication. Discontinue use should adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. </p>

<p><strong>Proprietary Blend </strong></p>
<p>Each serving (1 stick pack) contains 6 grams of the proprietary herbal blend:</p>
<p>L-glycine, Chamomile flower extract, Lemon balm leaf‡, Quercetin, GutGard® Licorice root extract, Aloe vera leaf extract‡, Ginger root extract, PepZin GI™ (Zinc L-Carnosine).</p>
<p><strong>Other Ingredients: </strong>Natural flavour, Citric acid, Monk fruit, Microcrystalline cellulose.</p>


Bring balance and healing. Undesirable microbes create imbalances, even disorder. The effort to restore harmony requires ongoing renewal – and that’s where our botanicals and nutrients shine. Offering needed provisions, they allow the body to establish balance. Plants unite with the body to revive and strengthen – cultivating microbial diversity, healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, and sustained well-being.